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375ml 13.5% vol

Blueberry Wine

JazzBay blueberry orchard is situated in the northern region of Hamilton. This area is developing a reputation for its premium blueberry growing conditions.
These conditions are what makes our blueberries of the highest quality. All blueberries were handpicked and carefully sorted to create this wine for your enjoyment.
Made in New Zealand


NZD 68 - 750ml

NZD 48 - 375ml

750ml 13.5% vol

JazzBay Blueberry Wine

JazzBay Blueberry Wine

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  •  Anti-oxidation, anti-allergy, anti-aging, anti-free radicals

  • Enhance cardiovascular function & memory

  • Reducing blood lipid and blood sugar

  • Cancer prevention, enhance immunity

  • Protect eyesight



The temperature range should be between 10℃ to 20℃.

Keep the bottle in the dark. Do not expose it to the direct sunlight.

The humidity should be between 60% to 70%.

Keep the place well aired to avoid odors and fungus development.

Keep wine bottles on their sides, with wine constantly in contact with the cork.



Keep the blueberry wine in another container (a “decanter”) with a wide opening at the top to allow it to breathe.

Unlike wine, blueberry wine has no precipitation even though it has been placed for a long time. When pouring wine, use the glass with a larger diameter.

Minimize contact with the wine bottle. Use your thumb on the bottom of the bottle when you take the blueberry wine, and use your other four fingertips to balance the bottle, so that the temperature of your hand is far from the wine.

Swirling of the wine glass activates esters and aromatizes them, which allows you to smell more of the wine, and thus to enjoy it more.

Use our tongues to observe the wine, but also, once you swallow the wine, the aromas may change because you’re receiving them retro-nasally. Your tongue can “touch” the wine and perceive its texture.